Brexit: Effective Large Group Relocations

Following the Brexit vote in the UK, many organisations are considering their business options which may include large-scale group employee relocations from one country to another.
This Webcast debates this topic and provides Global Mobility and HR leaders some practical and expert guidance on how to plan and manage group relocations both successfully and sensitively.
The Expert Panel
John Rason, our Head of Consulting and Robert Fletcher, our Group Director of Relocation and Assignment Management Services are joined by the award-winning Strategic Global Mobility Advisor Chris Debner and Samantha Thorne, from the HR department at the University of Nottingham to create the Expert Panel

About the Webcast
With a collective experience of supporting over 25 group relocations the expert panel advises that the complexity of a Group move is not to be underestimated. The webcast covers the principles, considerations and risks of a group move; talent location assessment criteria; critical success factors; unique considerations for commuters, Key Group Move aspects (process; cost; policy; and risk) and example Group Relocation timelines from kick-off/analysis to implementation.
Watch the Webcast to:

  • Learn critical success factors and top tips on how to manage group moves successfully and sensitively
  • An understanding of  the six characteristics and six key risks of group relocations
  • Gain advice and recommendations on getting your seat at the table as well as suggestions on how to educate top management when relocations are discussed
  • Project planning tips for group relocations and an understanding of the importance of early planning.

 For more information: John Rason, Head of Consulting at  john.rason@santaferelo.com

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About our Relocation & Assignment Management Service
Our Relocation & Assignment Management Service is an extended arm of your Global Mobility function managing employees, and their family, relocate. We execute your services during pre-assignment, acceptance, preparation, move, arrival, settle in, plus the whole time while on assignment, through to repatriation or successive assignment. As part of the
service, we implement industry best-in-class processes, including travel management, tax and medical co-ordination,as well as compensation and payroll.

About us
Santa Fe Relocation Services is a global mobility company specialising in managing and delivering high-quality relocation services worldwide. Our core competence is relocation services that support corporations and their employees relocate and settle in a new country, assisting them with visas, immigration, home and school, language and cultural training, managing property rentals, delivering domestic and international moving of household goods. We have the ability to provide these services to a consistent high standard, locally and globally. A key aspect is being able to manage our service delivery through our own operations across six continents.